Types of people: Predator, Zombie and Human.

Some people still have an animal type of behavior. They are driven by instinct. First of all, the instincts of a predator. After them, remains always a strip of devastation. As long as they are at the head of the management of the world, society will not be safe, there will always be wars. And the main goal will be profit and power.

"Собственность государства" ru/eng "Property of the State" Most people are Zombies or biorobots. They obey the Predator, they believe him or pretend to believe. They have no awareness, low empathy, they are used to not being different from others and not thinking again. They are the victim of propaganda.

The last type of people is "HUMAN". The human person has a high awareness, empathy, kindness. Feelings, spirituality and PEACE are important to them. They are not influenced by predators, they are not subject to propaganda, as they have critical thinking. I hope it's us!