My favorite model Lina told me about her diseases alopecia and she'll loose her hair soon. She had a long hair because she never cut off it from the day she was born. I was shocked, but I wanted to support her with photo project "rebirth". I took some photos when she had her hair, the day before she shave off and the day after she got bald"

The rebirth of human anew. Lina - 25 years old, model, student. She never cut her hair, two months ago she found out about her diagnosis - Alopecia , hair began to fall out, the remaining hair had to be shaved. Lina gradually accepts herself bandanas and wigs are no longer a means of disguise

“I want people with Alopecia to know that they are NOT ALONE and others learn more about this disease. So the world can become a little more tolerant to people without hair.

Stop hiding

Be brave

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