I created this photo project consisting of different photo shoots with different characters. Each hero is my idea of ​​the balance of life. The balance of life can be: active, passive, avoidant, and so on.

The hero of first balance is a person who is not afraid of the difficulties of life. And no matter what, he is indomitable. And in any case, he will not fall face down, but will stand.

The hero second balance is a person in passive balance. He does nothing, completely resigned himself and accepted life as it is, without interfering with what is happening.

The hero of third balance is an avoidant person, he literally hides his head in the snow so as not to see and not be aware of what is happening - therefore, he will not have to change something. A kind of acceptance, but without actively participating in his life.

The hero balance #4 is demonstrate an unshakable balance with the last of my strength.

The hero of final balance is person who, at this moment in his life, managed to achieve peace and tranquility. The state to which we are all so striving.